Meet Our NEW Swashbuckling Adventurers, The PiRats!

Buy them at our exclusive special price of only $550.00 for all three and save 10% off the regular price.
( $205.00 each if bought separately.)
All prices are in US Dollars.

Owning these cute (never call them cute!), sorry, owning these ferocious characters is better than having rooms full of stolen gold, almost, and a lot more legal. Also, if you don't take advantage of this offer, the curse of the PiRats will descend upon you (we'll figure out what it is later), and you'll end up paying full price. Horrors!

The PiRats are coming! The PiRats are coming!
1260 PiRat Captain 1270 PiRat Sailor 1280 PiRat Pilot

Have you ever wanted to...
Capture a ship of the line and make it's officers and crew walk the plank?
Ravage a whole town, then drink your mates under the table?
Find lost treasure and spend it heedlessly -- or steal well-known treasure and spend it heedlessly?
Loot and pillage, pillage and loot, loot and, er, pillage?
Take to the high seas with your ill-gotten gains, running before the wind and the law?

If NO, please click here to view our fine collection of Silke dolls for sophisticated children.

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I'd like to pre-order all three together (#1260, #1270, #1280) for $550.00, save money, and make out like a PiRat!

I'd like to pre-order just the Captain (#1260) for $205!

I'd like to pre-order just the Sailor (#1270) for $205!

I'd like to pre-order just the Pilot (#1280) for $205!