Is it real, or is it unknown?


The PiRats are HERE!
The PiRats are coming! The PiRats are coming! The latest New Thing from Kosen.
These exciting rats are adorable, colorful, and playful. The stuff dreams are made of. Good dreams, of course. Unique and imaginative, they will give you years of enjoyment. And they'll be on their best behavior while they're with you, too, we promise: no stealing, no pillaging, no brawling, and no breaking the china. You will love them. Or else.

Currently, we are offering them at a special group price. Each PiRat sells for $205.00, or $615.00 for the group. If you order the infamous trio from us, you will save 10% off the total price, for a reduced amount of only $550.00!

Shiver me timbers, what a deal!

New Arrivals
NEW FOR 2006! "Otto" the Otter with "Rotfeder" the Fish - Hand made by Kosen in Germany.
NEW FOR 2006! "Ritter, Knight Chavelier" - Hand made by Kosen in Germany.
Silke "Kaefer" - a sophisticated doll for sophisticated children. Hand made by loving craftspeople in Germany.
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Site Special
Buy these for me, Mommie! The Three Musketeers from Kosen's Fairy Tale World doll collection. Each is 40cm tall (16") Sold separately as Items 1140, 1150, and 1160.
Click on the image above to go to our Fairy Tale World page.
The Three Musketeers:

($711.00 List)

Save this Wren, handmade by Kosen in Germany! (Buy one!) Save these elephants, handmade by Kosen in Germany! (Buy one - buy both!)
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Get them before they're gone!
Kosen is discontinuing some birds and animals. If you want them, please buy them as soon as you can, before they're sold out. Click on either of the images above to go to our Almost Gone page.

SHIPPING: Shipping is a flat fee of $8.00 for all selections other than the Studio Series. NOTE: Currently, we are able to ship only to the lower 48 United States.

Hi, I'm Kendall, the unknown mascot.

This is where we'll supply news, updates, information, and other things of interest to collectors and enthusiasts.

The biggest news is the release of the PiRats, those lovable characters you see to the left at top. This is a new direction for Kosen, but we think you'll agree that it looks like a winner. And no doubt these three are only the beginning of a whole shipload of cutthroats. Land, ho! Prepare to dis-embark! Man the, er, Rat the bowlines!

Other big news is the expansion of the Plush Animals, Fairy Tale World, and Silke lines. Check out the New for 2007 items (click on the images to your left) and gasp in admiration. If gasping doesn't come natural, sit back and enjoy!

Also to your left and a little lower is our Site Special. Save 10% off the individual list prices of the Three Musketeers by purchasing them all together. Fully as lovable as the PiRats, they represent the respectable, but no less fun-loving side of society. No one would ever dare call a PiRat respectable (unspeakable is more like it), but these guys epitomize all that is proper and law-abiding. At least they do when they're not fighting duels (which are forbidden by Cardinal Richelieu), amorously chasing after glamorous females, or carousing until all hours of the night. Otherwise, they are perfectly respectable. Handsome, too!

Lastly, and sadly, Kosen has decided to drop several birds and animals from it's catalog. You can say good-bye to them by clicking on the pictures of the sparrow or the elephants at the bottom of this page. Perhaps you will save one or more of these fine plush animals from ultimate extinction by giving them a good home. All are of top quality, hand made by skilled craftspeople in the little spa town of Bad Kosen, Germany, and will be sure to give you many years of satisfaction.

Oh, one more thing: check out the Silke line of handcrafted soft dolls. Although made for children, adults also love these cute little people. Kosen recently acquired Silke and added more sophisticated characters to the lineup. Silke dolls are designed to be imprintable with their owner's own choice of personality, and are therefore unique.

Watch this space for other items of interest. We'll be updating it regularly.